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Search Engine optimization companies are everywhere. The key is in finding one that you can trust and that can actually deliver results. That's where SpiderBait comes in. We ensure a successful economical and ethical search engine optimization campaign for all of our clients.
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Client Site Optimization - Utilize our experience to help gain top rankings through proven optimization techniques.

PPC Management - Are you sick of spending too much money on your PPC campaigns and not getting any return? We will pinpoint how much it will take to get a conversion and help reduce unnecessary spending. Pay Per Click Management helps you save you money.

SEO/SEM Website Design/Development - We offer Website design/development services with your SEO/SEM needs in mind.

Blogging - Do you have a blog? We can help you gain visibility and readership. And help make your blog SEO friendly.

Affiliate Marketing - Assist you with any current affiliate campaigns or start new ones.

Interactive Project management - You can access online real time project system that allows you to monitor the progress you are making on your account.

Comprehensive report - We offer interactive reporting that allows you to know exactly where you and your competitors on the SEs and the progress you are making.

Promotional Website Development - We build an optimized complimentary website to help drive traffic to your online business.

Keyword Strategy Report - Choosing the right keywords to target is everything in search engine advertising. This report makes it easy.

Competition Comparison Report - Ever wonder how your competition gets those great rankings? This report will make it clear.
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With our result oriented approach you pay only for visits!

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SpiderBait offers a flexible assortment of economical search engine optimization, comprehensive reporting, and search engine placement solutions. Our SEO Experts and Organic Campaign Managers will guide your campaign from beginning to end.

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Web 2.0
Web 2.0 is a simple catch phrase that serves as a descriptive term which is used when referencing the evolvement of the web world. The main principle behind this concept can be explained as...
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"Spiderbait has been a great investment.. The unique site they built to drive traffic to our site is very well done and well-positioned among the most popular search engines. I have been impressed with the quality traffic they've sent to our site. They are very knowledgeable about how to attract and deliver traffic. It's a great alternative to Pay Per Click campaigns."

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