Monday, November 03, 2008

Twitter: Free Local Business Promotion

Twitter is a "messaging service" or "micro=blogging" service which you have either heard of, never heard of, love it or hate it type deal. If you're not Twittering yet, hopefully you'll do so in the near future! For those already using Twitter have you been harnessing the power of twitter for free business promotion? Here is a quick run down on how you can use Twitter for free local business promotion.

Free Business Promotion using Twitter

  • Create your Twitter account and include a picture. Folks prefer to converse with a "person" instead of company logo.
  • Make the most out of your bio line; add your company website, blog or mention your company specialty!
  • Have more than one person at your business utilizing twitter. This is helpful when trying to reach a wider range audience, providing different insight and having online back up.
  • When promoting your own posts ensure you add alittle something to your tweet! Link dropping is not welcomed in the twitter community unless its followed with commentary, question or additional input!
  • Try not to make it all about just you. Tweet about what you find interesting, share info, links and "cool" sites! Try to engage your audience.
  • Check out what people have under their "favorites" there is useful information there! It'll give you insight as to what your audience likes!
  • Make use of Twitter Search - from here you can see what the trendy topics are. Also, use it to search for your name/company to keep tabs on what's being said about you.
  • Ensure you're providing feedback. Comment or reply to tweets, retweet or simply thank a person for a link. Everyone loves feedback!
  • Harness the power of Twitter polling! Easy and instant feedback is a huge plus to the twitter community- opinions are quick to come by using this service.
  • Twitter news travels fast! So if your a local business try attracting & befriending people in your community. Utilize Twitter Local to keep tabs on local twitterati!
  • Make the most out of local "Twitter Meet-ups" getting to know the potential cliental can make the difference in attracting newbie customers.
  • Twitter Real Estate! Ensure you make the most out of your Twitter background, include company logo for brand recognition or contact info for easy viewing or go the extra step and include images of products or special promotion info!

Check out my Twitter post here for additional Twitter tools and goodies. There are a number of other services which have surfaced since that post; therefore check back soon for a Twitter tools & goodies update!

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