Friday, July 11, 2008

Twellow, Twordy and Summize for Twitter!

The good folks over at WebProNews have introduce us Twitterati to Twellow! Twellow is the very first Twitter directory; a little overdue but none-the-less exciting to have! It launched just under a month ago and so far seems to have indexed just over 360,000 Twitter users. It's designed to aid twitterers "cut through the clutter" and enable users to find others with shared interests to follow and befriend, hassle free!

How does it work? Can you get listed? Want to check your listing? Well, great!

  • Twellow.com snatches up messages from Twitter, analyzes & categorizes them. Thus making it simple for you to find users interested in like-minded topics.
  • If you have a Twitter account (that is not private) you're probably already listed! To double check, simply search for your name. If you don't find your name visit their "Get Listed" page to get submit yourself.
  • To edit your personal data Twellow recently added the Profile Editor option to their service. Verify your ownership, claim your profile and edit your name, bio, categories listed, location and url. (Twellows allows users to add themselves to up to 10 categories)

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twitter tool twordy

Also for fellow Twitterati! Have you tried to get your message to fit into 140 character limit yet sometimes you just can't? 'Tis time for Twordy. Say what you'd like and post it, a brief version will post on twitter with a link to Twordy for those who want to keep on reading! Easy enough for users to say what they'd like yet keep it in the short twitter format. Doesn't this go against the whole keep it short "micro-blogging" type of scheme that IS Twitter? Yes, but at times you need just a few more lines to fully express yourself!

Lastly, its official- Twitter has acquired Summize! What is summize and why should you care? Well Summize is a service used for searching Twitter and keeping up with 'trends' in real-time. For those who fell in love with the tracking option Twitter offered (I for one was addicted to tracking 'beta' updates) Summize will be an upgrade of what that tracking offered. The Summize merger now presents us with an official Twitter Search! If you're interested in knowing what 'iphone' conversations are taking place; simple enter your query and voila Tweets are at your finger tips! Look for more news on this merger or other Twitter news here!

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