Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Link Building Techniques: SMX Advanced 2008

Link Building Techniques SMX
The session on Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques at SMX Chicago last week reviewed the how to build, attract and mold your link building campaign just right to better ensure acquisition of those ccoveted high valued links.

Over all Rae Hoffman (Todd Friesen), Sugarrae Internet Consulting; Roger Montti, Founder & Owner of MartiniBuster.com; Stephan Spencer, Founder and President of Netconcepts and Jay Young, Owner of Link Fish Media Inc. all hit key points regarding golden link building techniques.

Impressive Link Building Techniques
  • Industry heavyweight backlinks: See who is bidding on Ad Words & do backlinks check
    linkdomain:example.com site:.edu "bookmarks"
    linkdomain:example.com site:.edu "links"
    linkdomain:example.com site:.edu "favorite sites"
    linkdomain:example.com site:.edu "your product or service"
  • Take all you can get - even from those "Dot edu's" - desirable or not they are helpful!

  • Search for Charitable Opportunities
    linkdomain:example.com site:.edu sponsors
    linkdomain:example.com site:.org donors
    linkdomain:example.com site:.org sponsors
    linkdomain:example.com site:.org benefactors

  • Acquire links thru:
    - Big name Text Link Brokers
    - Blog Advertisers
    - Smaller, Specialty or Amateur Brokers

  • Link Bait - buy links to compete in highly competitive arenas, be relevant, vary the anchor text, do whatever it takes to get links!
  • Darker yet still effective methods to practice: Comment & Trackback Spam, Reciprocal Links, Three Ways, and Link Farms. (Note: Although this technique was discussed and may work we do not utilize nor recommend these methods because of the possibility of being banned by search engines.)

  • - Think outside the box
    - Widgets
    - Templates
    - Template Sponsorship (Find a WordPress Template, sponsor it by having them embed your link in it)
    - Contests (Offer a prize with the stipulation that the contestants must link back to you)
    - Content trade (Offer to do articles for links)

    This post is based on notes sent by Dante Monteverde who attended SMX Advanced 2008


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