Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Share Your Web with All Your Friends

Google released a preview of "Friend Connect" which seems to be the next really big thing to hit the social web! This is an awesome Open Social child which makes it extremely simple for website owner to incorporate social applications on their sites.

Friend Connect Hoopla Includes:

  • Copy/past method of transforming your site into a dynamic, engaging, social destination site.

  • High potential for your site to grow traffic and attract more visitors - keeps visitors coming back since users will be engaging more with your sites

  • Ability to choose several different social features from a catalog of gadgets(Provided by OpenSocial & Google Community)

Friend connect seems like the monster of all social services. It's pretty portable, easy to install, transforms static sites into engaging sites and allows for easy distribution of applications for developers.

For a Visual on this new monster social platform check out their video:

So although the geeks, site owners and all who wished for a better social portal are celebrating this colossal social networking hub, the boxing gloves have come out. Facebook has blocked access of friendconnect due to privacy issues, rumor has it that the CEO of Facebook want to sit and chat with Google to work things out. Lets wait and see what compromise is reached. I'm sure the social networking giants will find a way to resolve issues/concerns that revolve around this new concept.

Sharing made easy seems great! Read a brief post on the Google blog and navigate sites which currently utilize Friend Connect!

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