Friday, March 21, 2008

Video Search Optimization: SES NY 2008

The session on Video Search Optimization at SES New York this week reviewed the importance making your video available to your target audience.

Over all Eric Papczun, Director of Natural Search of Performics, Gregory Markel Founder/President of Infuse Creative and Arnaud Mauvais, Vice President, Truveo & Vice President, AOL hit key points regarding enhacing text content with videos.

Tips to follow to improve your online video presence:

  • Enhance existing text content with Video Thumbnails! This makes a huge difference when the user selects which video to click.
  • Encode for the right keywords (Title, description and keywords)
    *Remove metadata noise
  • Use keywords in the file name separated by hyphen
  • Video File Metadata and Page Optimization (Video File Metadata and page optimization)
  • One video per URL (and avoid Flash and pop-ups)
  • Surround video with on-page relevant text
  • Upload Optimization (YouTube, Yahoo, AOL, etc)
  • Allow video files to be embeddable and include logo watermark
  • Brand yourself in video: easier to rank for video than text
  • Link Global Footer

Also recommended was Everyzing.com, which is a SEO video tool!

As with traditional SEO, video SEO is extremely labor intensive therefore having proper title & description tags are important. Once you have optimized your videos share them! Link, embed, forward and mention your videos where ever your key audience would be!

Do not underestimate the power of videos online!

In February 2008 alone 116 million of internet users watched an average of 124 minutes of online videos! They viewed more than 5.9 billion video streams; 72% watched news video online 31 at least once a week. So the audience is there, its your job to make sure you make it as simple as possible for them to find you.

This post is based on notes sent by Dante Monteverde who is live at SES NY.

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