Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Plan of Attack" for the Local Marketer

Dante's been busy at this years Search Engine Strategies - Helping at the WebsiteMagazine.com booth, attending the sessions, and trying to lock down a video interview or two for his "On the Road" series started last year.

And yesterday he sent his notes on Local Search Marketing Tactics which, based on that, is a session I am sad I missed. Today the notes were posted on Website Magazine's blog. And what is posted there is pure gold!

If you find yourself tasked with promoting a local business such as a doctor's office, real estate agency or even an auto repair shop you'll want to bookmark that page for future reference. Dante's notes on the Local Search Marketing Tactics session reads like a plan of attack for the local marketer.

You could guarrantee improved search engine presence for local keywords if you simply went down this list doing everything mentioned. In case you missed the link here it is again, Local Search Marketing Tactics.

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