Thursday, January 31, 2008

Netvibes Ginger: Sharing Tool 2.0

I've reviewed Netvibes before and in that Netvibes post I referred to this service as a User Friendly Home Page. But now not only it is still user friendly but it's been given a makeover! New features include the once "exclusive for brands" Universe pages for all. I was lucky enough to get a hold of a Beta Invite (using my Twitter Beta Invite technique) and have been testing out the new features ever since. Below are cool features I'm sure you'll love!

  • Create, Name and share your Universe page
  • Star items from your feeds (publicly or privately)
  • Activity Stream:allows you to see what your friends are doing, starring & reading
  • Ecosystem: sleek interface to find & add widgets
  • Locate and import your friends from: Email accts, Twitter, Flickr & Facebook!
  • Status features (similiar to Twitter, Facebook & Myspace)
  • Public, Private & Friends Activities: great to share, reference and track links
  • Ability to listen to web radio stations thru your Netvibe pages
  • 2 GB of free storage
netvibes ginger

Why am I loving the madeover version of Netvibes...because I can now easily share feeds/links, notes, events & widgets; which are tab specific. The universe option also serves as an excellent business tool for sharing information, not only internally but customize one for clients as well! Feeding them extra information will give that extra touch of personalization! That's my quick summary of what the upgraded netvibes has to offer!

Netvibes Ginger is currently open to those who have a private beta invite only. It is due to be released for all to use in mid-Febuary.

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