Friday, January 11, 2008

How To Score Beta Invites!

Ever wonder how ordinary people are suppose to get their hands on those hard to get beta invites? Seems a little unfair that only A-list bloggers or industry experts are offered invites to all the cool beta services, doesn't it? Well, my friends, I'm happy to share one of the easiest methods I've found for the ordinary Joe to get a beta invite.

2 Simple Methods To Score Beta Invites

  1. Join Twitter and Follow Industry Experts
  2. Sign up for Invite Share
So how does Twitter help you get Beta Invites? Well, its quite simple! Sign up, find and follow the industry experts and on occasion they will twitter, blog or simply offer beta invites to those reading. For instance in the past TechCrunch has twittered that they would be giving away 100 beta invites to the first 100 people that emailed and requested one. I've tried this twice and twice I got my invite! This doesn't guarantee you an invite but it sure does give you a good chance.

Now if you rather just join a service where beta invite sharing is their 'thing' then by all means sign up for Invite Share! Browse their site for various beta services, once you find what you're looking for simply 'add yourself to this list'. For each service available you will see "waiting users", "pending invitations" and "invitations sent", obviously the higher the number the longer the wait. Also, be sure to list beta invites you have, those who actively participate and send out invites get bumped up to the priority list! Simply invite people on the top of the list and click their name to confirm you've sent out the invite.

Invite Share
I've had better success using Twitter for Beta invites, but others prefer InviteShare since you don't necessarily have to race to be amongst the first 100 people to email and request an invite.

Oh, lastly if you decide to beg the right person for an invite - that has worked as well. I'm not mentioning which service or who I specifically know that has done this but good old fashion begging has been known to pay off!

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