Tuesday, June 26, 2007

10 Common Blogging Mistakes

Blogging can be tricky, therefore mistakes are inevitable. Trying to create a standout blog, gain readers, publish witty & informative content takes time and the ability to learn from your mistakes! Bloggers often try to come up with alternative methods to make their blog seem popular. Below are popular mistakes that may seem great in theory but should really be avoided in order to keep your credibility as a blogger.

10 Common Blogging Mistakes:

  1. Copying RSS feeds from your favorite sources and pasting them into your blog
  2. Stuffing your posts with keywords to appeal to Search Engines - keep in mind your writing for readers, search engines appeal should be secondary.
  3. Use irrelevant tags in order to attract readers- this will might attract clicks but not long term traffic.
  4. Overlooking the importance of your headline- Keep it short and catchy!
  5. Incorporate RSS subscription options and/or Email subscription options easily available for your readers.
  6. Avoid Widget Overload! Cool widgets are great but content should always remain your primary focus.
  7. Network! Become an active participant in communities, comment on blogs, voice your opinion reach out to your audience.
  8. Don't try to become the next Blogging Master by creating several different blogs at once. In theory it sounds great...but blog quality will suffer.
  9. Link back to your sources. Its great to hype up a product or service just remember to referenced it in your blog post, it can be annoying to a reader if they have to search for something you just referenced.
  10. Most importantly: Find your Own Voice. Your readers will sense if you are trying to feed them a "copycat" personality; besides attempting to write in another persons voice will become difficult to maintain.

Also, please do not give into the temptation of creating a "false" buzz by becoming your own best "virtual" audience! False aliases can become exhausting to maintain and are easy to detect, once detected your readers will find it quite tacky.

Find your passion and blog about what you know! Have a great weekend and enjoy your blogging.

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