Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Fun Site: Moo.com

Todays Site of the Week goes to: Moo.com

Who are they? What do they offer? Simple! They are a printing service that offers customers to print MiniCards or NoteCards! Take your images or other recommended images and make them your own small printed piece of off the web!

As of today they have two different products. One of which is a MiniCard. I believe this is a snazzy alternative for designers, bloggers, photographers or freelancers to use as a business card due to its distinctive design. Prior to adding your personalized touch the card it self already stand out!

The other product from Moo that is fun are their NoteCards! Add your design, photos, text, logo or whatever else you can think of on the front- the back is free for personalized msgs or to be used as an invite for galleries, parties, reunions or grand openings! Extremely affordable and customizable!

Moo.com has alot of potential at a reasonable price and quick shipping! So check 'em out...they are well worth it!

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