Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jaiku : Tools & Goodies!

If you've jumped on the Twitter bandwagon but have grown somewhat tiresome of the "kittens" or "birds" notifying you that the servers are down or some other technical difficulty is keeping you from tweeting, then perhaps Jaiku is your answer. Jaiku is basically the same sort of service although the mobile aspect isn't up to par with Twitter. What is cool about Jaiku though is the fact that you can "comment" on a post or another persons comment to a post all from within the original post.

Below are nifty Jaiku tools you may want to check out if you're diggin their interface:

Let me point out a couple of vital extras that Jaiku has which I thought make this service pretty cool:

Feed Inclusion - Jaiku allows users to add: blogs, photos, bookmarks, music, places, events, videos and any other type of RSS feed you'd like to include on your profile! Pretty cool since it gives other people an insight on what you are diggin!

Icons - there doesn't seem to be much use for them but it adds a bit of "fun" to the whole micro-blogging and social aspect of Jaiku.

Comments - as I mentioned before the ability to comment on peoples Jaikus allows this to be easier to stay on track with a "conversation/comment" .

So check out Jaiku and Twitter to see which social service fits your needs; don't underestimate the opportunity to network with these services, I have found them each to be useful in their own regards!

Can't make up your mind? Then TwitKu is for you, it offers the best combo for using both services!

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