Friday, May 18, 2007

Twitter Tools & Goodies!

Have you jumped on the bandwagon of Twitter? Perhaps you're already a full blown twitter addict and can't stop twitting away, for the rest of you check it out! In case you aren't aren't familiarly with Twitter, a quick way to summarize the service is: social networking or Micro-blogging service which allows users to post/answer the question of: What are you doing? Users to interact with a large or small group of people instantly via web, IM, Direct Msg or mobile! Here is a simple way to see where people are, what they are doing, what is being read or who has information to a question you have dancing around in your head. Users get to make their friend requests and add/deny as many as they choose to . Whether you want a large group to communicate with or keep is small and intimate that's a choice each individual makes.

Twitters clean and easy to understand interface makes posting comments & adding friends one click away! Check out the large community with well know people in the mix that are pretty easy to talk to and befriend. Once you get the hang of twitter, check out the tools below to get the full blown experience and see how you want to twit!

I find twitter to be great for informational purposes and socially fun as well! One downer to this service is that I find they are often "experiencing" issues, their site is down or posts are delayed, but I'm confident that those issues will be fixed shortly.

Friday I will review Goodies that a similar network has to offer: Jaiku! So check back to see whats going on in their side of the web.

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