Friday, April 20, 2007

Lijit : Aid for the "Go-To"person!


Lijit:"Developing a better way to search for information. Using the power of people, connections and information we can significantly enhance the way people search and discover information on the Internet."

So, what does this mean? Lijit is tapping into the network and resources of websites/blogs/authors and offering them as a 'reliable' information portal for readers/fans. Lijit has made it so that you can be viewed as a great 'recommendation' tool for people who have come to trust your site/blog. For the most part people want to know what you read, what you trust and where you go for your information. Now with a simple sign up and installation process you can provide your readers with that information in virtually no time at all.

This seems like a pretty handy service, mainly because Lijit turns you into a source of information and allows others to see how/what/where you get your '411'from. Lijit works under the frame of thought that people prefer to search their "friends" network for good information rather than a stranger; stranger being a search engine in this case, mainly because it would eliminate a great deal of unrelated information and spam.

I've only begun to explore the possibilities with this service and so far I like what I see:
  • Ability to combine social networks such as: del.icio.us, flickr, myspace to your profile therefore all relative information is in one central location.
  • Option to be listed on the public page of Lijit which carries the possibility of attracting new traffic.
  • Easy to read and understand site stats - stats are also emailed to your inbox weekly!
  • Simple interface allows you to see 'who' in your network is distributing quality results.
  • Ability to filter out queries which may not seem suitable for your audience
  • Tag cloud view, easy to read visual representation of common search terms
  • Social sites/networks can be added to your widget presenting your readers a one-click access to your network.
  • Small widget which is easy to install,modify and configure!
ligit wigit
Check out their blog for more details and future updates!

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