Monday, April 16, 2007

Does Your Blog Template Need a Facelift?

blog template ideas

Is your blog in dire need of a face lift? Same ol' same ol' interface isn't bringing in new traffic? Getting bogged down by the appearance of your blog? Well if so, check out cssBeauty.com; here is a showcase of different designer creations! Navigating thru the websites gallery is sure to inspire you to change up your template in one way or another. Different formats, themes and purposes for various types of websites are here in an overwhelming manner, your heart is sure to find something inspirational while browsing thru these fresh, clean, unique designs.

Not ot be missed are the Photography and Personal categories, here you will find truly unique and funky template ideas. The business category is also a great one to keep in mind if your looking for an easy to read, simple to navigate, professional layouts/designs. Check out the various color schemes, roll over effects, buttons, layouts and the different methods used to capture the readers eye. What makes you want to look at one design over another? How can you use your preferences to alter your own blogs template?
blog template ideas

If after browing thru the site you're still not sure if changing the appearance of your blog is something you'd like to commit to right now, simply read up on the importance of your blogs template? Whether it's simply for visual reasons or funtionality, i.e. search engine friendly or reader friendly, check out the post over at Problogger written by guest blogger Wendy Piersall regarding your blogs template: Is Your Blog Template Holding You Back? She hits key points and better explains how, why your blogs template may not be doing the best it can for you or your audience.

blog template ideas

Along with your blogs template getting a face lift, make sure that you incorporate basic SEO in your template as well. Optimizing images, using key phrases in titles and headers and having a simple, functional site map are just three easy steps you can take to make the most out of what you have!
You're blog will thank you with an abundance of new traffic one that much needed "face lift" and SEO is put into place.