Friday, March 30, 2007

Making Money Online with your Blog!

make money online
How can I make money blogging? This is a question that seems to never go away. So here is a quick run down. Start a blog, write about what you love and know the readers will come! Be sure to participate in forums, social networks, submit to directories yadda yadda yadda and then:

Methods to Monetize from your Blog

Sponsored Postings : get paid to blog about services, products or sites! As a blogger you've probably already mentioned something you like or a site worth taking a look at, now you can get paid to do so! Two popular services you might want to check out are: ReviewME or Pay Per Post

Affiliate / Advertising Programs: Check out each individual programs method of payment. Some work on a Pay Per Click, Click per Impressions or Cost per Action. See which is best for your site/blog.

  • Amazon - One of the most recognizable names online offers a vast selection of products to place on your site! Customize links yourself or participate in their "Omakase" program.

  • LinkShare - Affiliates are paid according to action completed "Cost per Action" can be rewarding if you high the right audience.

  • ClickBank - earn commission by promoting products.

  • Website Magazine - Earn money by giving the product away for free!

  • Adsense - Delivers relevant ads and its pretty simple to integrate into your blog, Blogger has it integrated into their free blogging platform already.

  • Adbrite - Edgier ads and offers double the ability to earn money with the "Interstitials" ads combined with Text/Banner ads. I am not a fan of Interstitial but for others this may be a great method to receive a higher payout.

  • BlogAds - ads are "routinely editorialized" and picked by fellow bloggers, the catch is that it is by "invitation only" - read more here for further details.

  • Text Link Ads - Unique because "static html links" will help improve your sites link popularity and may bring in your targeted traffic.

  • ConsorteMedia -Specializes in reaching out to the Hispanic market.

Blogger Jobs : Check out the various blogger job sites/forums. There are various of opportunities to blog for income; full-time jobs or simply serve as a contributing blogger.

The above are just a few options of many out there to monetize from your blog. In the next couple of weeks I will be seeking "niche" methods to make money utilizing your blog. Until then hopefully the above information will be helpful especially for beginner bloggers who aren't quite sure where to start.

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