Thursday, March 22, 2007

Celebrity Search Engine Fun!

There are 'Image Search' Search Engine, Search Engines of Love and now the Prize-Awarding Celebrity Search Engine: SearchwithKevin.com! Just when you thought the you had your favorite search engine of choice all set up and ready to go....here comes competition!

Why not search with K-Fed? You have the opportunity to win the grand prize of attending Federline's private birthday bash! There are T-shirts, Cd's and autograph pictures you can snag up as well! Oh and if you're not such a huge fan of K-Fed, not to worry. There are other Celebrity Search Engines you can choose from: SearchwithWynonna, SearchwithHinder or SearchwithMeatLoaf.com are just a couple of other options you can choose from.

Kevin FederlineMeatloaf

Who said you had to stick with non-themed search engines? If quality results are a concern of yours, not to worry! These celebrity search engines are all powered by Yahoo, therefore relax and search just as you would via Yahoo. If anything, feel free to "refer" a friend, spread the word it will at least give you a topic to talk about.