Friday, March 09, 2007

Over Come "Blogger Blues"

Do you find yourself uninspired to blog, running out of ideas, tired of the same ol routine? Perhaps you're blog is suffering from the good ol' winter blogger blues! Well don't let your blogger blues get the best of you or your blog! Try to get a jump on fresh new ideas with tips, tools and fresh illustrations from the blogs listed below! Sometimes just taking a step back and checking out other top notch blogs are enough to get you over your bloggers rut and motivated with original ideas once again.

Blogs that are sure to trigger inventiveness:
  • CopyBlogger - Two must read posts: "The two Most Important Words in Blogging" and "Ernest Hemingway's Top 5 Tips for Writing Well".
  • For writing tips from a true professional check out: CopyWriterUnderground; here you'll find writers tools, cool workshops and tons of cool misc. inspirational posts that are sure to inspire creativity!
  • Check out AboutWomen for tips and advice on how to get "more out of your website" plus how to market to women! If your stumped on trying to get a female audience this site may help with your dilemma.
  • Fun, fresh and easy to read: Creating Passionate Users - this blog isn't a "how to write" nor "tips for creating content" blog but it's both stimulating and inspirational to read! After taking in a few posts you'll see how this blog is a great example of how to capture an audience. The layout, graphics and "voice" behind it should be beneficial for fellow bloggers use as a creative & useful reference point!
  • Gaping Void - Comical, whimsical, goofy cartoons that will definitely stir up something inside to get your mind out of its rut and thinking on a new path! Check out some nutty illustrations the Gaping Void presents, different topics are often covered so ideas are sure to be sparked!

The five blogs listed above are extremely beneficial for bloggers looking to get inspiration from other sources. Whether it's the writing, layout or simply trying to get your "voice" back that is your issue there is something to be learned from each blog above. Check out the tips, tools and workshops which all bloggers/writers can at some point benefit from!

Hopefully you won't find yourself with "Blogger Blues" too often but if in doubt simply check out some of your favorite sites/blogs and reveiw the reasons as to what makes them your favorites! Incorporate your love for blogs into your own.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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