Thursday, March 01, 2007

To Post or Not To Post: Readership Depends on It!

Are you a "Post-a-holic"? You can't wait to post at least 6 times with-in a matter of no less than 7 hours? OR do you fall on the other side of the spectrum where your posting as infrequently as possible, perhaps suffer from "writers block".

Well an interesting question was asked over at Problogger a couple of days ago: "What makes you 'unsubscribe' from a blog's RSS Feed?" and today Darren Rowse gives us the breakdown from the feedback received! Check out his post for the complete list of 34 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe from RSS Feeds!

I thought it was pretty interesting to see that "Too many posts" was the #1 factor for losing readership. I suppose simply trying to find a happy medium in your posts, length and frequency is the challenge! Posting too often can lead to blog overload, posting seldom can leave you out in of the game all together. So that may be leaving a number of people wondering how much is too much? How long is too long? Well for starters I suppose you can take a look at blogs you love to read, and ask yourself why? What makes them special? Then review yours in the same manner. Or simply ask your readers for feedback.

First and foremost though, I believe that you must blog about what you know and love! If you are enthusiastic about your blogs subject it will show in your posts and the readership is bound to grow.

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