Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Women of SEO: Who's who!

If you're into Search Engine Optimization/ Marketing then you probably are on top of who is who in the Industry! For the most part we have all heard of Danny Sullivan, Brett Tabke and Stephen Mahaney. But where are the women in the industry? Who is your favorite? Or have you not a clue as to who is who in the flip side of the Search World?

Well I found that there is a quest to name the " Queen of Search" or "Search/SEO/SEM Babe" to find the female counterpart of the Search Market! The two polls mentioned have a few names in common but the votes are lagging. So in order to help spread the word on who's who in the SEM/SEO Female Search World I decided to help you find out alittle bit more about the women in the industry! I found a great resource for those of you wondering about the women in the field so check out: WomenOfSeo and read up on women in the industry! Check out who does what, and how their work is affecting the search marketing field! Once you've found your favorite feel free to place your vote for your "Search" woman of choice!