Thursday, February 15, 2007

5 Underrated Blogs : Check Them Out!

Have you ever come across a blog that you thought was pretty darn good and were shocked to see that it wasn't as "popular" as you believe it should be? Well so have I, therefore I decided to take it upon myself to share what I believe are 5 highly underrated blogs which YOU SHOULD know of!

5 Underrated Blogs:

  1. WinExtra : "The blog is mostly my thoughts and opinions about technology; plus related things I find newsworthy enough to share." This blog has short, quick reads that are highly informative and gives great references.
  2. MakeUseOf: "On makeuseof we don't write about any new web applications that comes around but only about ones that we find useful or at least entertaining." So in other words if they don't think its useful, we don't have to read about it!
  3. Shaicoggins : A woman blogger who seems to be "in the know"- Shai Coggins is co-owner and VP of b5media.com, also a writer, artist, published author, mother and more! Therefore you know she is one multi-talented, smart cookie whos blog is a 'must read' for a number of reasons! Check it out.
  4. Programmableweb : "keep-up with the latest mashups, what's new and interesting with Web 2.0 APIs, and the Web as Platform in general." In a nutshell if its a neat tech-based application you might see it mentioned in this blog! Pretty informational reference site.
  5. WebSiteMagazine : "Providing helpful and valuable information about online business trends, industry insights and best practices." Check out what they have to say to fellow industry professionals!

I'm sure there are numerous other blogs that are highly underrated, therefore if you have a couple worth mentioning shoot over an e-mail I'll check them out and perhaps add them to a future post!

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