Monday, February 12, 2007

The Web 2.0 Directory: 5 Great Features!

Web2.0 Directory

Are you a Web 2.0 Junkie? Looking for a place where an abundance of Web 2.0 sites are listed? Well check out "The complete Web 2.0 Directory."

5 Cool Features:

  1. Companies are listed using their logos; this is great for brand recognition!
  2. Click on the companies logo and you are presented with a small summary of what the service/company offers.
  3. Links are included for users to check out what others are "saying" about the companies in the 'blogosphere'.
  4. Dedicated panel for your advertisements! Each company can insert what ever they desire within their panels advertisement space i.e.: Sign up Button, Top Feeds or small video!
  5. Drop down "Tag" Menu - select your web 2.0 application based on tags! Should give insight to a number of websites related to what you're interested in!

It's great to see how much information is presented to users regarding websites prior to visiting the sites listed! I do like this directory and all its features, however while navigating the directory there were 2 issues I wasn't fond of:

  • Loading time was abit slow therefore you had to wait a while to see all logos listed.
  • Also there didn't seem to be many companies making use of the advertisement option on their panels, so you're left with a bland box to look at as the "filler".

There is a lot to look at and plenty of Web 2.0 sites that are neat to check out! So if you're itching to dig into alittle more 2.0 I highly suggest peeking around this directory, you're bound to run into cool new sites!

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