Friday, November 16, 2007

Site of the Day: Read It Later

read it later
Read it Later has become one of my favorite FireFox extensions! Why you ask? Well simply because I'm one of "those people" who constantly comes across an article online which seems interesting yet don't have time at that very moment to read it; so now I mark it as 'Read Later'. When I have a bit of free time I go back and read it! Sure you can bookmark it and save it into your "To Look At" folder or email the link to yourself, but honestly how many times have you done that and actually gone back to it? I know my folder of "To Read" normally ends up full of stuff that's just buried and never looked at again. So now I skip the whole emailing & folder stuffing ordeal and simply make use of "Read it Later", it's clean and simple!

Read It Later 101:

  • It's a free easy install
  • Two buttons will appear in your tool bar
  • You can right click on a page to include in your Read Later
  • You can click the Read Later button on your tool bar to mark it
  • Adding links to del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, Digg is all made simple from the toolbars drop down menu
  • Reading List- here is where your articles come back to you! Click your reading list when you have a moment to spare, it will randomly pull up something for you to read.
  • Mark as Read - once your done check it off as read or feel free to add it to other services for future reference.

The drawback is that Read it Later doesn't sync across computers or browsers; which would be ideal since I come across interesting reads while at work but can't get to them til I get home. Word on the net is that they will have updates soon, so maybe we'll be able to cross out that drawback soon!

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  • I've been using delicious for years to do just that - you simply create a 2Read tab and then go back to it later!

    By Blogger Christian Busch, At 8:52 AM  

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