Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 Ways to Help Visitors Share Your Content!

How do you share your sites, blogs or articles of interest? If you've been using del.icio.us, Digg, Facebook, Twitter or other social bookmarking & networking sites - great! Now, lets take those sites and add them to your site with 1 click sharing! Better yet add mobile sharing options! After-all why would you want to deprive your audience the ability to share content using mobile capabilities? I've looked into two cool services which allow readers to spread the word multiple ways, see below for MadKast and AddThis overview.

MadKast Pros:

  • Easy installation "less than 30 seconds to install it using our one-click installation for Blogger and Typepad"
  • Offers analytics which tracks which posts are shared and visited the most
  • Cool module pops up for users to either email, text message, or share on social sites
  • Doesn't slow down the blog
  • Keeps friends contact information for one-click sharing on sites that use madkast
  • Simple method of Bookmarking Sites
  • No registration nor extensive sign up to go thru

MadKast Cons:

  • I myself am not a fan of having the madkast icon next to all my blog entries
  • Forces users to "recruit" their friends in order for the mobile text sharing to work
  • Inability to customize the share module box to better blend into your blogs background

AddThis Pros:

  • Free, easy installation
  • Ability to place the widget anywhere you'd like on your site
  • Several Social Services pop up in this share module- one click away and you've got your stuff where you'd like it to go
  • Stats! Have the 411 on what your readers are sharing and bookmarking, easy to read interface and ability to sort stats to match your preference
  • Small widget which offers bookmarking options or feed reader options

AddThis Cons:

  • It is not touching base on the social mobile community

Overall I like how easy they've made it to share and give options to readers to broadcast your information, yet due to the lack of customization on MadKast I choose to utilize AddThis for this blog. (you can see the small share widget at the end of this post)

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