Thursday, November 08, 2007

10 Reasons You Should Twitter

Are you Twittering yet? If not, maybe the following '10 reasons why you should twitter' will convince you to check out the service and sign up!


For those who aren't sure what Twitter is here are a few simple explanations:

  • Twitter is a service which allows you to post what you are doing and read what others are up to. Real Time info channel, instant messaging for the masses, mobile friend and news outlet.

  • Twitter is a Social Web Service that also works with your mobile phone via text messaging.

  • Twitter is a place where you say what you are doing and check out what others are up to, its a stripped down blog, Myspace, IM, where you don't have to have a network of friends, here you can easily make one or add to your existing network.

Now that you know what Twitter following are 10 reasons why YOU should Twitter:

  1. Quick Informal User Feedback - need an opinion or have a question? Simply Twitter what is on your mind and feedback is inevitable.
  2. Untapped Resources - utilizing twitter I have found and formed constant open communication with designers, programmers, A-list bloggers and others whom I may not have had the opportunity of befriending.
  3. Tracking your interest - if you're looking for updates on "T-Mobile," "Internet Marketing," "Google Party," 'Track' allows you to do just that.
  4. Self Promotion - if done right you can use Twitter to let others know what you are doing, why you are better and why your services are crucial, only if done in a tasteful moderate method. If you get spammy your followers will more than likely remove you.
  5. Citizen Journalism - Twitter is an excellent source for immediate news from the mundane local free food sample to instant news of traffic accidents and roads to avoid.
  6. Communication - stay connected with friends, co-workers, family and your twitter friends by answering a simple question "What are you doing?" in 140 characters-simple enough! Insight as to whether your friend is having a bad/good day is one twitter check away!
  7. Last Minute Plans - Want to go out, have free tickets to a play, looking for a friend to try out a new restaurants? Twitter your idea there is normally someone else looking for last minute plans as well!
  8. Motivation - Need motivation to stay on track with your workouts? Tell twitter they will cheer you on.
  9. Web 2.0 Applications - Tools & Goodies are popping up constantly, bringing new twists to this already popular social /microblogging / communications 2.0 service.
  10. Twitter is Fun - if you start a new account be sure to check out the public time line, people in your area etc and add friends. If you start off as a twitter newbie and no one is following you, you will find you are simply talking to yourself- who wants to do that, right? So check out TwitterMap and type in your zip code I find this to be a simple way to find fellow Twitter users in your area.
twitter blocks

I must warn you Twitter can become somewhat addictive! Mobile Social, real time broadcasting, immediate feedback, how can you not want to check it out constantly! Stay on top of Twitter news by subscribing to the Twitter blog!

Check out Spiderbaits Twitter and feel free to follow us for Web 2.0 news, Blogging and free marketing tips!

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