Friday, September 07, 2007

Showcase Your World Travels!

Trying to add a spiffy new widget to your blog? I believe this widget is something that will capture your interest. Have you heard of "WhereIveBeen", it's one of the top 30 Facebook applications that has recently been released for the rest of us to use on our websites, blogs and Myspace profile pages! This application enables you to post an interactive map on your site; giving your readers abit more insight as to where you've lived, places you've traveled or destinations you'd like to visit.

So far its been a big hit with the Facebook crowd and from what I've gathered its fun to mark your locations and compare with friends. WhereIveBeen widget enables you to showcase all the exotic locations you've traveled to within one interactive map, sign up is free and installing the application is just a matter copy and pasting code onto your web page; so check it out!

where I've been

The world is a small place after all; ask your buddies and readers to fill out their map and give you the highlights on locations they've visited!

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