Wednesday, August 15, 2007

TimeXchange:Timesheets Web 2.0 style

Record your time! Invite new team members! Manage expenses and keep projects within budgets; all this can be done using TimeXchange. For over a month I've been utilizing TimeXchange for time tracking, project organization and task management; although there are a few bugs here and there with the service, it has been a tremendous help with our companies organinzation & reporting. TimeXchange takes a bit of time to get yourself familiar with but overall the reporting, billing, budgeting aspect of this application makes it well worth your time and effort to better serve your company and teams time.

Why I'm diggin TimeXchange:
  • It's free!!!
  • It provides a simple method of getting others involved in projects: shoot them an email- they accept and Boom they are now included in the project hours, budget and reporting process.
  • Great for those who are looking for an application that offers a simple approach to manage: budget, time, progress and expenses.
  • Find a bug? Shoot over an email and you may find Joe Piekarz (President of Actus Tech) happy to help you with your request.
  • Comments will not go unnoticed! As a matter of fact they are encouraged to help TimeXchange become a better application.
  • TimeXchange has a blog; although its not updated often- its worth a glance, perhaps a question you have has been addressed, so check it out here.
  • It's online, therefore you can log in from any computer to check on a projects status.
  • Customizable reporting or simple PDF reporting options are available


I highly recommend this service for those who are seeking an upgrade to their time sheet process or simply looking for an easier platform that will consolidate time management, budgeting and reporting in one application.

Check out TimeXchange for yourself.

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