Thursday, August 30, 2007

Friday Fun Sites: Blogger and Wordpress Themed Templates

Every so often its a good idea to change up your blogs theme, spruce up the template or add a new feature i.e. podcast, music, video posts etc. For those who aren't designers or very familiar with coding there are ways to get a new "face life" for your blog, below I have listed a great collection of links that offer "blog templates" for Blogger and Wordpress, also included is an awesome create your own sort of template wizard! It's a long holiday weekend so take advantage of the extra day off and change up your blog!

Psycho: Works as a template generate! Add and image, produce a two or three column template, borders, colors, font all are adjustable. Create your own template here, you must agree to keep the PsycHo's link in order to use the generator, not too bad for those who aren't sure of how to go about writing/creating their own.

TemplatePanic:This site offers Blogger & Wordpress themed templates! Two column, three column, fun themes such as Lime Lover, Crowd of Fish or Paper Noteare all available here.


Reminder! Backup your current theme; once you change your template they’re gone! So always, always, always make sure to backup before switching it up.

Have a great weekend!

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