Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Advertising Updates for Blogger and YouTube

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Blogger and YouTube users take note of the updates both services have released!

Blogger Update

Bloggers have you been trying to find a way to place Adsense ads between your posts? Well now you can in a jiffy! Blogger just released a new widget which enables you to do this quickly and easily; check out the Adsense blog for more information.

Youtube InVideo Ads

As of August 21st Youtube has started offering their "select partners" the ability to integrate InVideo ads onto their content. Although the ads are an awesome opportunity for people to generate revenue with their videos, current Youtube users have mixed feelings as to whether or not they embrace this service. Seems pretty cool in my opinion, ability to generate revenue with a small non-intrusive ad!

YouTube InVideo Ads:
  • Ads appear at the bottom of videos
  • Ads start after 15 seconds of content and last for about 10 seconds
  • Ad space is limited 20% of your video screen
  • Users can easily close it out if they wish not to view it
  • Ads can be targeted geographically
  • Replaying the videos will not reply the advertising.

Ads are currently available to professionally produced videos and a "selected" few 'homemade' videos. There is buzz going around for plans to open this option to more "user-generated videos" , we shall see!

View an ad in action for yourself:

Read more and submit comments/suggestions via the YouTube Blog

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