Wednesday, August 29, 2007

5 Must Have Time Tracking Applications

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Ever wonder where all your time goes? If your like most individuals I know, you're busy trying to accomplish a million things at once, so why not make the most out of your time and get yourself on track! Below are 5 great services to help you keep track of all your tasks, projects, billing, payroll, reads, activities and more! Most are free to use and easy to understand. If you are looking for online punch cards, addition to invoicing, time management resources or a method to track time on projects one of the services below might be just what your looking for! Most of these services will export to excel, some convert files into PDF format, others allow for a graphical view of your time and tasks. I'm sure you can find the perfect match for your time crisis with one of these time tracking and reporting applications!

  • Activity Tracker: Great for iGoogle addicts! Add this free gadget onto your iGoogle page, enter your task and simply punch in and out as you complete your tasks. Set alerts (in 4 different languages), export to excel and see the break down minute by minute! Graphical views are a cool option as well!

  • Toggl: Not only is it cute in appearance but it's free! Toggl is great for tracking billable hours, feel free to invite as many people as you'd like for projects. Log in from anywhere and run reports with just one click, seems ideal for freelancers, small business and consultants.

  • TimeSnapper: Automatic Screenshot application! Play back what you had on your screen at any given moment! Great for those who aren't the best at remembering everything they did during the week! Its your own mini-movie of what you were working on. Although this can also double as a sneaky method to record what employees or roommates are doing online, its warned that guidelines must be followed and 'consent' be attained in order to avoid privacy invasion.

  • Tiktrac: Add coworkers, clients, create time sheets, adjust color scheme, currency, date formats and more! This applications allows you to create your own URL, add tasks via mobile device and track changes via RSS! Make sure to sign up soon, while its in Beta mode its free to use!

  • Journyx: Free for up to 10 users! Awesome application for billing, payroll and time management! Easily integrates with Microsoft Project, QuickBooks, ADP and more! Great online tutorials, webinars and demo!

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