Friday, June 22, 2007

Site of the Day: Pickle.com

Share your pictures & videos online instantly with Pickle.com. What makes them cooler than other video/photo services available? Well, the fact that you can send a picture or video from your phone to a "channel" and have it broadcast instantly on a site/blog is a pretty cool; plus your friends can post new media on the same channel for instant viewing as well!What makes Pickle so special:

  • Ability to post your pictures or videos from either your digital camera, cell phone or computer instantly.
  • Set up different "channels" and alter appearance, photos, videos, display & playback
  • Broadcast your media on pickle or any of your sites
  • Free account allows 200 mg, multiple channels, personal pickle URL
  • Pro account :2gb monthly upload,download capabilities, unlimited pickle boxes & more.
  • Each album has to ability to allow multiple people to contribute, owner controls who has access to each channel/album
  • Mix up your videos and pictures together and have a combo media "channel"
  • Pool photos and videos from multiple people to create an instant mosaic sort of channel!
  • Great opportunity for party/wedding/event participation: everyone shoots pictures from their mobile onto screen/projector/website for instant moment capture!

In addition to sharing on Pickle, you can post individual items or entire channels of content anywhere you'd like, such as: MySpace, blogs, personal websites or simply keep them private. Update channels from your cell phone with Pickle, and have whomever is on your site view new content instantly!

Browse the FAQ section of Pickle to find out more.

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