Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Google Homepage: Auto-Population & Dynamic Themes

Pretty nifty changes have recently occurred with my Google Homepage! I've noticed two pretty sweet options that weren't available before:1. Auto-populate a homepage according to the Tab Name and 2. Themes. Both add alittle more personality and functionality to your homepages. Appearance will obviously add a personal touch to your plain ol' homepage and relevancy can bring forth new feeds that you weren't aware of or simply take the hassle out of inputting each URL manually. Either way each new function is now available for you to make use of.

Themes Available:

If appearance alone wasn't enough reason to impress you, did you notice that Google themes are all dynamic! They change according to time, weather conditions or season, impressed now? Leave it up to Google to make the "background" better than your average display!

Be sure to give Google a 'heads-up' on what you'd like to see in the future for homepage personalization. Themes or other suggests are welcomed here!

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