Wednesday, January 03, 2007

NetVibes : User Friendly Home Page

Have you checked out Netvibes? If not I highly recommend that you do! This personalized home page might just be what you need to keep track of all your favorite sites, E-mail, weather, directories, modules, videos, podcasts, news and more. If you currently are using Google homepage are are perfectly happy with that, I still suggest you check out Netvibes! Trust me the tab options are there, the movable modules, the easy to add, edit and delete functions are there as well, yet more!

For Web 2.0 new comers I highly suggest you sign up for this service, it doesn't get any easier to keep up with news in an organized manner. If you reference multiple news sources or advice-blogs this homepage will benefit you greatly, more so when trying to scan multiple news feeds at the same time! Get all the latest news posting delivered to you on one page.

Reasons NetVibes is Must Use:

  1. Allows Web 2.0 to come together on one page in a simple, clean, easy to understand interface.
  2. Personalized pages, tabs and customizable feeds all for free.
  3. Allows users to add one multiple emails to their page therefore giving users the ability to check and keep track of various email accounts-same goes for myspace, flickr, ebay and more!
  4. Netvibes has a convenient feature of "preview/popout window" which allows users to view the first paragraph of the feed, pretty cool to just 'see' what the article is about before navigating to a different site.
  5. Video search which provides results from Google, YouTube, Daily Motion and Myspace all with one search query.

Netvibes has so many cool features I can't touch base on all of my favorites in a single post! So I recommend you check them out no matter how happy you are with your current reader or home page! It's an easy way to track your sites, emails and social sites, brings order to the web madness and is so user friendly that you can't help but be tempted to use netvibes as your new web friend & organizer of today!

Don't forget to read up on the NetVibes Blog for the latest news and updates!

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