Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Search Engine of Love!

Rate Or Date is definitely the place to find a website that is related to "Cyber Dating" and specializes in the whole "On-Line Dating" craze. You can find dating sites related to religion, culture, age, hobbies, location and more!

There is no longer a need to search on standard search engines for "dating" events, services or support. This Dating Search Engine is your one stop need.

What to Expect:

  • Online Dating - Plenty of categories ranging from astrology to interracial niches.
  • Couple Ratings - quite fun! Here you vote for who you think would make a good couple!
  • Single Event listings
  • Dating Site Directory
  • Google Maps - with push pins on single events near you
  • Dating Forums
  • User Reviews
  • Simple Search Powered by Match.com and Yahoo Personals

In my opinion this site has a lot of potential, but I must admit it does come off as a little confusing and overwhelming. A search engine typically has a search box for a user to input their query and will then produce results relevant to the search; with RateOrDate a user initially has to choose from 6 main categories and within these categories are "sub categories" so right off the bat it can be confusing.

There is however a simple alternative for quick results if you want to bypass all the categories. Simple look towards the 2 rows on the top and bottom of the home page to begin your online love quest! The row on the top of the page is powered by Yahoo Personals and the the row on the bottom is powered by Match.com, simply toggle back and forth between both of them dating giants and get one step closer to your cyber mate.

RateOrDate is informative for those into cyber dating, online dating forums and looking for love online. Take a peek perhaps you'll discover this is the perfect "reference" point for online romance information and events.

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