Friday, December 15, 2006

Elves, Nutcrackers, snowflakes and More : Holiday Fun Sites!

The holiday season is here, what better way to add to your festive spirits than by checking out how to "Elf Yourself" or creating the perfect virtual snowflakes! Perhaps you'd like to check out all the hustle and bustle happenin' in the North Pole!!! All in all I have a collection of awesome Holiday Sites for you to enjoy!

  • Elf Yourself - here you can make yourself or a friend into a cute dancing elf! Complete with red and white striped tights and a cute hat!
  • Pimp My Nutcracker - Tired of the traditional nutcracker get up? Well here is your chance to give your nutcracker a little bit of funk!
  • Holiday Party Excuse Generator - Looking for a little fib to get you out of that dreadful holiday party...well look no further! This holiday excuse gernerator is just what you were looking for!
  • Virtual Snowflakes - Cut your way to the perfect snowflake! This virtual snowflake generator is just what you need to create, send and download all your perfect flake creations!
  • Elf Name - Curious as to what your elf name is? Find out here and spread the word to friends!
  • Reindeer Beach Image Generator - Type in your text and your sunbathing reindeer will accompany your banner!
  • Evil Santa - Sick of the typical Jolly ol Saint Nick? Well give your Santa a wicked twist! Change Santas eyes, nose, mouth and hat....let the holiday fun begin!
  • Snowman Sign Generator: Create your own festive snowman sign! It's easy, cute and simple to make!
  • Naught or Nice List - Hurry up and see if you're on the naught or nice side of this list!!!
  • Visit the North Pole - See what the elves are up to! Check out all the holiday hustle n bustle going on in the North Pole! Claus village is where all the magic comes to life...best way to check it out is on-line of course!

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the Holiday Fun Sites!

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