Monday, November 27, 2006

Stay In Touch : Meebo Me!

MeeboMe! That's the key to keeping in touch, making new friends and connecting your Instant message accounts all into one interface!

Get a widget on your website, blog or Myspace page today. It's easy to set up a meebo account and after a couple of clicks you get your meebome widget code to copy and paste onto your site where ever you'd like it to appear. From your site your fans or friends can instant message you easily. If they do not have a chat account that is no problem! They can simply type in their name over the Meebo Guest number that appears on the site and Voila - they are identifying themselves to you and chatting in no time!

What makes Meebo so cool?

  • You can sign in from anywhere at any time - it runs on any web browser
  • Connect your Aim, Google Talk, Yahoo and MSN all together with one meebo account
  • Allows fans to chat with you if you are online
  • Widget is easy to customize and install on your blog/websites/personal pages

With a device so handy and easy to use how are you NOT going to stay in touch now? Post a widget on the family holiday photo album chat up a storm with relatives and friends, or simply utilize it on your business website and see what customers are inquiring about. So many ways to add a personal touch to your "online" persona!

MeeboMe, that's the cyber chat device of choice!

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