Monday, November 13, 2006

Checking out Yahoo!Mail Upgrades

Yahoo! Mail Beta have you switched over? Still thinking about it? Perhaps you're not sure what to expect OR don't want to go thru the hassles of a new email service! Well it's not that tough; Yahoo has a quick self explanatory method of getting you started. Yahoo's virtual guy helps you get familiar with what is going on in just a couple of minutes! As far as importing addresses that too is simple as well and done in no time at all.

Yahoo Mail: Here's what to expect:
  • Clean lay out with alot to offer (To the right: RSS drop down, Folders drop down, search box to find messages; On Top: Tabs to switch from your home page to email; Bottom: Calendar and reminders and On the Left: hints and services)
  • Drag and Drop Features making it easy to organize
  • Fun Avatars - personalize the virtual you with an abundance of choices in hair, clothes, backgrounds and more!
  • Enjoy the 1 Gig of Storage
  • Ability to quickly switch back and forth between the old Yahoo Mail Service and the New updated one; for those who need some time getting use to the differences.
  • Allows POP access to 3rd party email services (something not available with Gmail)
  • Soon to come is Yahoo messenger integrated into Yahoo Mail a feature that Google first presented to us!

Another great cool option to look forward to when Yahoo implements Chat and email they will have the ability to finish up a conversation with an "auto paste" option into email so we can wrap it up even if the person had to go! Flipping in-between IM and Email can have its advantages although it seems that people either prefer one method of communication or another; this notion of flipping back and forth may not appeal to all.

So although I fully enjoyed all that Yahoo had to offer there was one factor I was not fond of at all. The amount of time it takes to load your emails; whether you are scrolling down, trying to mass select is frustrating to say the least. Plus the error that you receive time and again if it hasn't finished loading isn't something I was fond of either! I'm sure this will work out better once its out of the Beta phase, so don't rule it out yet.

Check it out...you won't be disappointed.

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