Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cool Blog Search Engine : Sphere

So there are search engines and then there are SEARCH Engines! For the most part the Sphere Blog Search Engine fits into the better half of Blog Search Engines that are out there. What makes Sphere so great...well let me break it down into 3 main reasons/categories.

Blog Search Results: this is sorted by date, topic relevance or both. Sphere uses a different method than other blog search engines to provide us with great results. To determine the relevance of a blog/post they check links, length of posts and frequency, so they factor in more than just in/outward links.

Featured Blogs: These are blogs that seem to be the most relevant for terms searched for.

Related Media: This is great! Here it will supply you with related stuff i.e. pictures, news, books or podcasts related to your search!

You can also have add a "Sphere It" Bookmark, for a simple way to search for other related topics on a site you're on at any given moment.

Submit your blog and get a widget simply by filling out a form given here!

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