Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Web 2.0: Tracking Multiple Online Personas

Are you guilty of having Multiple online Personas? Perhaps you simply sign up for all new "cool" services you see out there...then forget that you ever signed up in the first place! Well of course this is a common problem in which new services are being developed to help control the madness!

A few services to check out:

  • Findmeon.com - claim your identities on, track your memberships and find your friends.
  • ClaimID.com - Verify, track, and classify the information about you available online!
  • 30boxes.com - track your accounts, find your friends and add it all to your calendar!

So all services above are different, and have various different goals to reach! But with multiple online personalities I believe that if you're trying to get a hold, hide or track your online identities or your friends one of the services above will suit your needs!

For a better understanding of these services sign up, explore and see which fits what your looking for best!

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