Tuesday, October 17, 2006

4 Popular Sponsored Posting Services

Make the most out of your blog, get involved into sponsored postings! This is an excellent alternative to monetize from your talents with your blog. Writing about sites, services, products and companies with an added incentive of making money seems like a great idea for all! Advertisers, Bloggers and companies looking for extra exposure!

Get paid for your opinions and blog posts!

  1. Pay Per Post
  2. CREAMaid
  3. inBlogAds
  4. ReviewMe

Look into each of these services, some pay out on royalty or referral fee, others are pretty straight forward and some are still working out their overall plan but check back for sign up opportunities.

Whether you agree with the "sponsored posting" concept or totally hate this idea/service; its out there for bloggers and companies to utilize. So check out the services above and decide if its for you.

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