Thursday, September 21, 2006

Are You a Web Know it all?

LifeHacker is extending the opportunity for those who believe they are "In the know" to become commenters on their site! Oh yes, if you think you're a know it all and have what it takes to be insightful they are giving you an opportunity to show what you got!

They are looking for "smart, witty and helpful" commenters! Want to try earning your spot? Simply visit the LifeHacker site enter in a comment with your desired user name and password and hit submit! They will approve those that they see fitting. So find your informative post/comment and earn your right to comment on the beloved LifeHacker Blog!

Also, today is your last day to participate in Probloggers How To project! Keep it clean, fun and interesting- there are prizes to be had; so try your luck out there!

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