Friday, September 15, 2006

Make your Blog Fun!

So Many Widgets So little time!

Looking for cool new widgets to make your blog fun? Check out the Widget Directory from Sixapart!
Here you will find Calendars, Games, Publishing Tools, Music widgets and more. Also stay on top of new widgets as they become available by subscribing to their feed!

This directory has teamed up with over 30 companies so you'll be sure to find plenty of cool and easy to install widgets for your blog. If you have an idea of what kind of widget you'd like and notice it hasn't been developed yet - then take advantage of their Developers site! Learn how to build your widget then submit it to the directory!

There are so many great widgets in this directory that I can not recommend my top 5 favorites! I need a bit more time to play around with them and provide you an honest review. What I can say is that there are tons of interesting widgets to choose from - go ahead and spruce up your blog!

Fun Widgets for your Blogs... you can't lose!

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