Monday, September 11, 2006

MySpace = My Free Business Promotion

Social Networking: get your company out there! Business are taking a look at social networking from a marketing point of view and jumping on the bandwagon to get their name and services out there. What better way to target the youth of today than by joining in on the "cool" thing of today. Whats the cool thing of today...Myspace of course!

Take for example Burger King. Yes, we know who they are and what they do, but that didn't stop the "King" from creating a profile on Myspace and taking it a step further by providing an incentive for users to 'add them' as a friend. The incentive being free episodes of Fox shows; check out the "Kings" profile and see what you can get!

So now that we see how Burker King is getting their free promotion lets see how you too can try to market yourself or business. Examples below:

  • Artist - give a flat rate for portraits or advance notice on gallery showings
  • Hair Dressers - Provide free product try-out days or price reduction for appts set on certain weeks
  • Musicians - free downloads of music sample and links to stores where music is available
  • Restaurants - Coupons for adding them as a friend
  • Consultants - 'free' consultations or a discounted service
  • Bloggers - create a profile for your fans to befriend you and add a link to your blog in your profile for those just browsing thru - Join groups and participate! New traffic is sure to come.

There are plenty of opportunities to get your name out there - Myspace may be just one of the freebies that you overlooked. Take the time to create your profile and get your name out there today.

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