Friday, September 01, 2006

Stay Tuned for PartyStrands at a Club near you!

What is PartyStrands?
"The future of INTERACTIVE music and Community!"
Check out the website for this new service due to make its official launch September 14th! PartyStrands can now be found in selected bars/clubs in Europe and America and is expected to hit the U.S. market this month.
PartyStrands and you:
  • Download MyStrands application at home and have access to your playlist at participating locations
  • Sign in at bars/clubs to play your tunes and others will soon be voting and suggesting new songs based on what is on
  • Users can take picts from their evening send them to their Mystrands profile an easy way to save the fun!
  • Projection screens will showcase picts and album cover art along with allowing users to vote songs up/down the list by SMS.

I'm sure there are tons of other functions I'm not touching base on here, but with a product that is heavily based on user activity its always best to try it out for yourself than read about it. So stay tuned for PartyStrands near you shortly!

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