Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Take your Blog to the Carnival!

Looking for another way to drive traffic to your blog? Other than doing the standard submissions, forum posting, pinging, community activity and forming relationships with other bloggers, perhaps you might want to check out Blog Carnivals as well. Couldn't hurt right?

What is a Blog Carnival?

A post in a chosen blog that will provide you with a summary of a "collection" of other articles in various blogs that cover a specific topic. A post that points readers to other sites, articles and blogs that cover a subject the reader would be interested in. Many times different blogs take turns hosting a specific week, topic, day, month blog carnival on their blog, so getting one started, or joining one will take some effort to say the least.

Perhaps checking out a few carnivals yourself will help put this concept into prospective.

Is it worth the effort of hosting a Carnival on your blog? I'm not exactly sure, but I don't see how participating in a carnival would be questionable. Simply submit your articles to the appropriate topic. Perhaps a carnival will provide you with the spike in new readership, if you find your niche carnival that it.

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