Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Google Pages = Money Opportunity!

Google Pages first made its debut back in February of this year and shortly after the service was released Google had a waiting list in a matter of hours due to the ambush of people trying to sign up. Now they have taken it a setup further and have provided users with the advantage of being able to monetize on their pages by using Google Adsense!

For those of you who aren't sure of how to get ads on your pages; not to worry! Google has presented users with simple steps for implementing your Ad Campaign! I think its a great way for people, who have become comfortable using Google Pages, to now take their newly gained web knowledge a step further and experiment in the arena of web advertising! Nothing too complex which provides a great learning experience.

Google Pages with Adsense:

  • Sign up with Adsense
  • Once confirmed - Copy the generated code from the 'Adsense Code' Box
  • Select the GooglePage you want your ad to appear in
  • Select the field for your ads
  • Click Edit HTML
  • Paste the Code and Save Changes
  • Publish your page

And there you have it! Your new ads will appear shortly!!

If you feel confident enough to customize your Ad - Feel free to play with the colors and borders for ads, also take a look at the different ad types offered!!!

I'm pretty sure that spammers may take advantage of this service, but then again thats apparently their purpose! Take an opportunity and run with it right? So, for users just trying to gain a litte web knowledge and have an opportunity to make a few dollars - Google Pages and Adsense is just what you need! Spammers will do what spammers do best... hopefully there will be a way to control that.

Check out the Google Adsense Blog for up-to-date changes and information with their service.

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