Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Online Cat Fight: Kevin Rose and Jason Calacanis

For Love or Money? Seems like everyone has their own stand on whether Netscapes (J. Calacanis) offer of paying off Diggs Top users $1000 a month for their "social bookmarking" rights is the right way to kick off Netscapes community; or if social platforms should stay true to self, such as Digg (K.Rose), and let the community control the content in a democratic style- free of bribes.

Long Story short...the cat fight between the two has led to some pretty interesting blog posts, cartoons and Gag-sites! Just to keep you "In the know" of the debate, below are links to catch up on your reading and see what new points have developed!

The online Cat Fight between both of these services and their top men fall nothing short of entertaining! Its great to see the Geek Kings Duke it out!

Plus they have also managed to cause up a stir for both social services, which of course is even better!

Jason Calacanis Blog

Kevin Rose Blog with great Response!

Gaping Voids Cute Twist!

Misc Others:

SuckScape from CalacANUS.com


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