Monday, July 24, 2006

Technorati Tweaks!

Happy Birthday Technorati! They just turned 3 years old! What a better way to celebrate than with a slew of improvements!!!!

According to the Technorati Blog the Technorati team gathered together and came up with an improved service! They took what they have and improved it from the core up! With a few tweaks here and their what they now offer us is speed and accuracy search improvements, accurate and more up to date link counts, and a much more personalized home page for users to have their favorites in one central location.

Cool Updates:

  • Features: Discover, Favorites & Popular - for those looking for interesting stuff but aren't quite sure where to look!
  • Blog Profiles: Get stats to any blog listed in Technorati- including tags, posting frequency, traffic, and Technorati Ranking
  • Easier relations with advertisers and partners - email for more information
  • The Promise of more updates including: better charts, spam detection, real time media indexing, microformats integration, additional localization and language support.

Keep an eye out for more to come from Technorati! In the mean time be sure to sign up- claim your blog and enjoy all they have to offer now!

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