Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The #1 Internet Site = Myspace.com

Myspace.com has been named the number One Internet site according to Hitwise.com!

For the first time today Myspace has surpassed Yahoo Mail with the record breaking visits its been recieving! Reportedly they have a 4300% increse in visits over the past 2 years, with that kind of growth its no surprise that Myspace seems to be the place to be!

On that note Rev2.org has also place MySpace on the top of their list of "33 Places to Hang out in the Social Networking Era" article. They have noted that it's known as the "biggest social network out there", with over 80 million users - obviously myspace is the place to hang-out online!

So along with all the news footage and social communication about myspace, there are other social sites to dive into; don't forget to check out the other 32 places to hang out other than Myspace! On the list are cool niches such as: Mommybuzz, Muslimspace, Imbee (kids social network site), Dogster & Catster along with Boompa for Car lovers out there! There isn't a shortage of places for you to visit online, once you find your second home be sure to make use of the blogging options and participate in other activities these sites offer such as guides, news, webpages, pictures and other creative activities included in these social hubs!

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