Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Got A PodCast?

Digg style directory/aggregator for your Podcast!! ZapZap is a new service that acts very much like Digg in the sense that users "zap" podcasts and add them to their list, also serves as an aggregator which automatically places podcasts into the rotation, so they don't rely or wait for users to submit them.

  • Zap - zap (vote) podcasts and videos which will also add them to your playlist
  • Auto Zap - stay up to date with your favorite podcast channel
  • Automatically places podcasts into the Zapping rotation
  • Seperate sections for podcasts and videos
  • Viewable on the ZipZap site - handy for those who don't have a podcast player
  • You can Sync your favorites to your Itunes or other Podcast player
  • Easy to comment on podcast and easy to add your own to ZapZap

Seems like a great service for podcasters to get involved with, I personally do not podcast so will not be using their service....but I wouldn't rule them out if I did.

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